Ben Hansen
Ben "1314" Hansen
Sequential Artist

About Me

In a town not quite so far away, nor a time not long ago, Ben 1314 Hansen was bit by the comic bug. Since then he has been penciling away, honing many comic art styles, from mainstream to the macabre and everything in between. Ben has worked Arcana, Moonstone, Strange Aeones Magazine,Cryptozoic Entertainment 5 Finity Sketch cards, Seraphemera Books and NGMOCO Games. When hes not drawing, hes usually just getting more coffee.
Body of work:
The Spirits of Independence: A Ghost Walk Companion ( Warrior Innkeeper Comics)
Transformers Legends mobile app game (NGMOCO Games)
Crytzioc Sketch Cards: DC Women of Legend,Archer, Walking dead ......

Poison Elves (Sirius)-#70-71( Inker)
Strange Aeones Magazine #1,#4,#10 covers, lobby card 1-4
Strange Aeones Magazine #5 Short story
Strange Aeones Magazine #8,9,10,12 page stories
Battle Among the Stars #1-4 Penciler
5Finity Sketch Cards: Shi, Lady Death,Grimm Fairy Tale ,Dead@17 and more

Air Vixens #1 (Moonstone)
Danger Ago-go (Moonstone)
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders #2 Pin-up(Moonstone)
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders # 6 12 page story(Moonstone)
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Halloween Specials Colorist ( Zenascope )
69 eyes (Seraphemera Books)
Dead Souls (Seraphemera Books)
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